Welcome to Redden Gardens!

We are an allotment garden in Covington, Kentucky's Eastside Neighborhood, where individuals rent plots to grow vegetables for themselves and their families. There are also many things planted along the outside of the fence that anyone is allowed to pick. Please do not be shy. Our berry plants, particuarly one very fruitful blackberry near the 10th street intersection with Scott, are going to be the star of the show this year as they reach productive maturity but our tomatoes and peppers will hit their strides around July or August. You are also welcome to pick the flowers outside the fence as well but we ask that you stick to those that produce multiple blooms so everyone can enjoy their beauty, including the pollinators. If you are unsure how to pick or what plants are edible, please ask someone you see in the garden if they might be able to help or contact us directly.

Excess produce from inside the garden is shared outside the fence with a giving table we will put out when the first appreciable harvests start, which ususally means June with the summer squash but could be sooner. We have already shared a lot of seeds, books, and tomato cages this season with our new lending library.

This year due to COVID our social gatherings have been put on hold, but that just gives us more time to plan.

In addition to our original garden at 909 Scott, we help facilitate a smaller community garden in Goebel Park near the pollinator garden in the northwest corner of the park and a heritage demonstration garden behind the Behringer Crawford Museum in Devou Park, in the NaturePlay@BCM.

Also, new this year, is the Victory Gardens initiative which pairs neighborhood mentors with novice gardeners and at home gardens. Fifteen families/homes were selected for victory gardens and given the supplies and materials to build and plant a 4x8 raised bed or a container garden based on what they like to eat. Our gardeners were paired with mentors to guide them along the way and answer their questions. At this time, the gardeners have started to make their first harvests!


To create a dedicated green haven for vegetable gardening and community knowledge sharing while also promoting and showcasing sustainable practices in action. We seek to be an example of how to garden in the urban core by providing resources, space, community and education to our diverse community while serving as a source of local fresh produce for the community. We aim to help people get their hands in the soil, seeds in the ground and vegetables in their stomach.


Our vision is to grow beauty alongside vegetables, people alongside community, and stories alongside knowledge.